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About Us

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About Us

Actucation is a responsive learning web app, designed to dispel your fear of Calculus and Physics.

As teachers, we understand the trauma that you undergo when you are unable to solve Problems. You find it difficult to apply theory to relevant problem.Also, by taking more questions for practice will not cure this problem, rather worsen it. This shatters your confidence and demoralizes you.

Experts at Actucation analyzed the cause of this and reached to the conclusion that it might be because of Traditional Approach of Learning that emphasizes on --- reading theory first, solved example next and then questions.

What happens in this case is, by the time you try to solve questions, the memory of theory and solved example, is lost.

How Actucation Works?

  1. For better understanding of the concept and to make fundamentals strong, each subject is broken into Chapters, Topics and Goals (i.e. to atomic level).
  2. Initial questions are based on a very basic understanding of the concept which are easy to solve.
  3. Each level up is more advanced but the questions are based on learnings of previous levels so can easily be solved. For any doubt, you can go for hint, solution, related theory and solved example, available for each question.
  4. Questions of each level ultimately connect to the Old Exam Question that you will find easy to crack on your own. Thus, by solving 7 simple questions in just 20 minutes, you will be able to nail an Old Exam Question.

Why Actucation?

  • Actucation has devised a modern approach.
    Here, we make you learn through solving questions on your own. You are the ones who will be solving each question that will help you to learn and progress, thereby boosting your confidence level. You will have better understanding of relevancy of Theory to Problems.Also,
  • Actucation has designed the appearance of content that is compatible with computers.
    The content that is available on net is copied from books. The impact and learning that we receive from books is not same on computers. Thus Actucation delivers :
  • Solutions (to the point) in Flowchart form, so easy to understand.
  • Theory, point wise and not in paragraphs, so easy to memorize.
  • Plenty of diagrams to illustrate the above two.

Actucation For Whom?

   At present, Actucation targets Physics and Calculus for Freshman students. Our next phase will be for 6th to 10th Grade.

Actucation------Actuating Education